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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the most common questions parents have:

When are your tutors available?
Our tutors are available Sunday through Saturday, 7 days a week. We also provide notes from each session for easy reference.
What credentials do your tutors have?
Our tutors are certified teachers and graduate professionals. They have the expertise to support your child at any grade level K - 12.
What subjects do your tutors provide support for?
Our experts can help your child with all K-12 subjects including, but not limited to mathematics, reading, writing. Different curriculums are easy for us to work with since we are familiar with a variety of them.
My child is falling behind grade level. Can you help?
 Yes, our trained professionals have the ability to assist your child by focusing on the areas they need greatest support. You can expect rapid improvement. 
Does A+ Tutoring accepts charter funds
Yes, we are vendor at many schools and always enrolling in more. Please reach out to our office to confirm if we are a vendor at your school.
Does A+ Tutoring offer online tutoring?
Yes! Our tutors offer the same support online that you can receive in-person.
With online tutoring, your child will continue to improve their studying skills and be on track to improve their grades across the board.
My child hates doing homework. Do you provide homework support?
 It’s not uncommon for a child to dislike homework. The good news is we can assist in shaping that attitude into a positive one. We can help your child develop the skill and motivation to complete their homework on their own and on time.

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